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Solana Community Divided over Proposed Fork to Address SEC Concerns

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Following the recent classification of Solana (SOL) as a security by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), there has been a growing debate within the Solana community about the possibility of forking the network.

The aim of this potential fork would be to address the SEC’s concerns and maintain the decentralized nature of Solana. However, the idea of forking Solana has garnered mixed reactions from the community, with no concrete fork plan yet in place.

One notable voice within the Solana community supporting the idea of forking the network is HGEABC, the founder of Abracadabra. On Twitter, HGEABC expressed support for the notion of a fork but clarified that no single validator or developer has officially backed the idea or engaged in discussions regarding a fork.

HGEABC’s endorsement sparked discussions among Solana enthusiasts, leading to a variety of opinions regarding the potential benefits and drawbacks of such an action.

While there are proponents of forking Solana, there are also skeptics who question its feasibility and effectiveness. Some members of the community argue that forking Solana will not address the SEC’s concerns or provide any legal protection. These individuals emphasize that no altcoin can evade regulatory scrutiny by simply forking and that compliance should be the focus instead.


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