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Polygon 2.0: a blueprint to build the ultimate Value Layer

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Polygon, a leading blockchain platform, has unveiled its ambitious vision to construct the Value Layer of the Internet. This groundbreaking initiative aims to democratize access to the global economy, enabling decentralized finance, digital ownership, and new mechanisms for coordination.

With #Polygon 2.0, the platform introduces a comprehensive blueprint that reimagines various aspects, from protocol architecture to tokenomics to governance. By offering unlimited scalability and unified liquidity through cutting-edge ZK technology, Polygon aspires to become the foundation for a truly inclusive and efficient internet ecosystem.

Building the Value Layer

The advent of Ethereum revolutionized the concept of the Value Layer, showcasing the potential for individuals to seamlessly create, exchange, and program value without intermediaries. However, the current state of Ethereum and the broader crypto ecosystem does not resemble the infinitely scalable and unified nature of the internet we know today. Polygon 2.0 aims to bridge this gap.

While individual blockchains have strict throughput limits, Polygon 2.0 introduces a network of ZK-powered Layer 2 (L2) chains, interconnected through an innovative cross-chain coordination protocol. This network enables users to experience the entire ecosystem as a single chain, providing practically limitless scalability and unified liquidity. With Polygon 2.0, Ethereum will finally fulfill its original purpose of becoming an integral part of the internet.

Polygon 2.0 Rollout

The development of Polygon 2.0 has been the result of extensive collaboration among Polygon Labs, developers, researchers, applications, node operators, validators, and the wider Polygon and Ethereum communities. Numerous discussions on the community forum have helped shape the vision and components of Polygon 2.0. To provide a comprehensive understanding of the upgrade, Polygon will release detailed information on each component through blog posts, community meetings, AMA sessions with founders and engineers, and more.

As the Polygon ecosystem embraces a formal governance process, empowering the community, the role of builders, creators, and all participants in the ecosystem becomes more significant than ever. The community’s input and involvement will play a crucial role in accepting and implementing Polygon 2.0. Polygon invites everyone to stay tuned, familiarize themselves with the upcoming enhancements, and actively engage in the conversation that will shape the next chapter of the platform.


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