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DWF Labs Transfers Large Amounts of Altcoins to CEX

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In a recent development reported by Lookonchain, a significant number of altcoins were transferred from addresses associated with DWF Labs to various centralized exchanges (CEX). The transfers included notable cryptocurrencies such as CEEK, LABS, POND, TIME, UNO, IXS, DFYN, GF, TOKO, APM, and AUCTION.

Additionally, DWF Labs currently holds substantial amounts of other altcoins, including CFX, RACA, YGG, VINU, RSS3, TRADE, MV, and CELO.

Altcoin Transfers from DWF Labs to CEX

According to Lookonchain, addresses linked to DWF Labs executed significant altcoin transfers to various CEX platforms. The transfers occurred within the past few hours, indicating substantial movement in the altcoin market. Notable altcoins transferred include 4.25 million CEEK, 300 million LABS, 40 million POND, 6,250 TIME, 1.54 million UNO, 2.5 million IXS, 438,000 DFYN, 500,000 GF, 7.26 million TOKO, 50 million APM, and 40,000 AUCTION, among others.

This sudden transfer of altcoins from DWF Labs’ addresses to CEX platforms raises questions about the intentions behind such large-scale movements. Market analysts and enthusiasts are closely monitoring these transactions to understand their potential implications on the altcoin market.

DWF Labs’ Holdings in Altcoins

Aside from the recent transfers, DWF Labs also possesses significant amounts of altcoins in its wallets. As reported by Lookonchain, the company currently holds 25.5 million CFX (equivalent to approximately $4.63 million), 13.65 million RACA (approximately $1.4 million), 7.3 million YGG, 60 tons of VINU, 7 million RSS3, 3.5 million TRADE, 4.5 million MV, and 950,000 CELO, among others.

source wublockchain


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