OKX Wallet Introduces BRC-30 Proposal, Enhancing BRC-20 Protocol

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In an exciting development for the cryptocurrency community, OKX Wallet has released the BRC-30 proposal, an enhanced version of the popular BRC-20 protocol (a fungible token standard made explicitly for the Bitcoin blockchain) . This proposal introduces advanced equity operation functions, including deposit, minting, and withdrawal, to empower users and offer new opportunities for passive income.

Introduction of the BRC-30 proposal takes this functionality to new heights. One of the key features of the BRC-30 protocol is the staking functionality, which allows BRC-20 token holders to earn passive income by participating in the network’s staking mechanism.

By staking their BRC-20 tokens, users can contribute to the security and stability of the network while earning additional tokens as rewards. This feature presents an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking to grow their crypto holdings without actively trading or investing additional funds.

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