EOS Network Foundation CEO Calls for Action to Fulfill $1 Billion Investment Commitment

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The CEO of EOS Network Foundation, Yves La Rose, has issued an open letter addressing the issue of Blockone’s failure to fulfill its $1 billion investment commitment to the EOS network. La Rose highlights the urgency of the situation and proposes two possible courses of action to rectify this matter.

Blockone, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry, made a commitment to invest a substantial sum in the EOS network, promising to bolster its scalability and efficiency. However, as time has passed, the investment has not materialized, leaving the EOS community disappointed and concerned about the future of the network.

To address this pressing issue, Yves La Rose presents two potential options in his open letter. The first option involves pursuing legal action against Blockone for its failure to fulfill its investment commitment. This approach seeks to hold the company accountable for its promises and recover the funds necessary to further enhance the EOS network.

The second option proposed by La Rose is a hard fork of the EOS network, specifically designed to exclude the EOS Tokens owned by Blockone, as well as its affiliated crypto trading platform, Bullish. This measure aims to detach Blockone from the EOS ecosystem, ensuring the network can move forward without hindrances.

The EOS network, launched in 2018 with a record-breaking $4.2 billion ICO, was envisioned as a blockchain platform that could outperform Ethereum in terms of scalability and efficiency. However, four years down the line, concerns have been raised regarding the progress and achievements of EOS.


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