OKX Announces Listing of ORDI, the First BRC20 Asset

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In a recent announcement, leading cryptocurrency exchange OKX revealed the listing of ORDI, the first BRC20 asset on its platform.

triggering a significant surge in the price of ORDI by over 24% within just one hour. With its market value currently standing at $310 million and a growing demand among investors, ORDI has quickly become a topic of interest in the cryptocurrency market.

OKX, one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced its decision to list ORDI on its trading platform. ORDI is the first BRC20 asset to be available for trading on OKX, making it a significant milestone for the platform and the cryptocurrency community. BRC20 is a technical standard that enables the creation and operation of tokens on the blockchain. This opens up new possibilities for decentralized applications and tokenization within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Deposits for ORDI will commence at 15:00 on the 20th, allowing users to transfer their ORDI tokens to OKX for trading. Following the accumulation of a sufficient deposit amount, OKX will open spot transactions for ORDI, enabling users to buy and sell the asset on the platform. The availability of ORDI on OKX expands the range of investment options for cryptocurrency traders and provides them with a secure and reliable platform for trading this new digital asset.


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