Ethereum 2.0 Hits Record Monthly High with Over 2.2 Million ETH Staked

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The month of May witnessed a significant milestone as over 2.2 million ETHs were staked to the ETH2 deposit contract. This unprecedented surge in staking activity marks a new monthly high for Ethereum 2.0, underlining the growing interest and confidence in the network’s future. Leading the charge in this remarkable achievement are prominent agreements and institutions such as stakefish, Lido, and Binance.

Stakefish, LIDO, Binance has been instrumental in driving the record-breaking staking activity. As an Ethereum infrastructure provider, offers secure and reliable staking services to individuals and institutions alike. has played a pivotal role in encouraging wider participation in Ethereum 2.0

The record-breaking staking activity in May demonstrates the enthusiasm and optimism surrounding Ethereum’s evolution. With stakefish, Lido, Binance, and other agreements and institutions leading the way, Ethereum 2.0 is on track to revolutionize the blockchain landscape, offering users enhanced functionalities and unlocking a world of possibilities.


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