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Binance NFT Marketplace Set to Support Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs

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The Binance NFT Marketplace is expanding its multi-chain ecosystem with the addition of Bitcoin Ordinals (Bitcoin NFTs). The integration of Bitcoin technology and culture is expected to offer new opportunities for NFT collectors and traders. The move comes as Binance NFT seeks collaboration with relevant NFT projects focused on Bitcoin Ordinals, further strengthening the community and ecosystem.

What are Bitcoin Ordinals? BRC20

Bitcoin Ordinals were launched in January 2023, allowing the creation of Bitcoin NFTs by attaching data to individual satoshis, the smallest denomination of Bitcoin, on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals enable each individual satoshi to be identified and transacted with extra data attached, including text, images, videos, or other content. This has been made possible through the Taproot and SegWit upgrades to the Bitcoin protocol, which allow the creation of true, immutable collections on the Bitcoin blockchain.

What is Binance NFT Marketplace?

The Binance NFT Marketplace is a platform for NFT enthusiasts and collectors that brings together artists, creators, and innovators from around the globe. The platform helps users mint, trade, and stake NFTs with ease. With the addition of support for Ordinals, Binance users will be able to experience an enhanced NFT experience.

Why add Bitcoin Ordinals?

Binance NFT Marketplace currently supports three different networks, but the integration of Bitcoin Ordinals is expected to further elevate the platform to a multi-chain, open marketplace ecosystem. The addition of Bitcoin technology and culture is an exciting new horizon, offering unique opportunities for NFT creation. By removing barriers to entry and providing a user-friendly platform, Binance NFT is positioning itself as the go-to destination for trading Bitcoin NFTs.


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