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Whale Receives $2.95M in $ARB from Binance

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In the latest news, a whale related to Amber has received a whopping amount of $2.95 million worth of $ARB ($3.86 million) from #Binance in the last two days. The buying cost for this transaction is approximately $1.31.

The whale has reportedly transferred 1.45M $ARB ($1.9M) to the address “0x1eea,” which many believe could be an investor in Arbitrum. This news has caused a significant stir in the crypto community, with many speculating that the whale may be trying to manipulate the price of $ARB.

However, it’s important to note that large transactions like these are not uncommon in the crypto world, and it’s not necessarily a sign of manipulation. It’s also worth noting that whales often hold large amounts of cryptocurrency and can move it around for various reasons, such as diversifying their portfolio or taking profits.


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