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Streamlined Blockchain Integration for Developers

1inch Labs has made a significant announcement today, July 8, 2024: the addition of a Web3 RPC API to its Developer Portal. This new feature empowers Web3 developers to access blockchain networks without the need to run their own nodes, thereby expanding the range of tools and services available to them.

What is the Web3 RPC API?

The Web3 RPC (Remote Procedure Call) API is a revolutionary tool designed to simplify the interaction between developers and blockchain networks. By leveraging this API, developers can perform essential blockchain functions such as executing transactions, querying blockchain data, and interacting with smart contracts seamlessly and efficiently.

Key Benefits of the Web3 RPC API

Access Blockchains Without Running Your Own Node

The Web3 RPC API enables developers to access blockchain networks without the need to run their own nodes. This not only reduces the complexity and cost associated with node maintenance but also allows developers to focus more on building and optimizing their applications.

High Uptime and Reliability

The API guarantees high uptime with smart checks and load balancing mechanisms. This ensures that developers can rely on a stable and consistent connection to the blockchain, even during periods of heavy traffic.

Multi-Chain Support

Supporting 12 EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks, the Web3 RPC API offers broad compatibility and flexibility for developers working across different blockchain environments. This multi-chain support is perfect for developing decentralized applications (dApps), exchanges, and automated trading bots.

Top Security Features

Security is a top priority for 1inch Labs. The Web3 RPC API comes equipped with advanced security measures to protect developers and their applications from potential threats, ensuring a safe and secure development environment.

How Will This New API Help Your Web3 Project?

The introduction of the Web3 RPC API is set to revolutionize how developers interact with blockchain networks. By offering a reliable, secure, and efficient way to access multiple blockchains, this API will significantly enhance the development process for a wide range of Web3 projects. Whether you are building dApps, managing an exchange, or developing trading bots, the Web3 RPC API provides the tools you need to succeed.


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